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Impacting the lives of pets

Empowering animal friends and practitioners to restore & maintain their pet's health naturally.

our mission

At Huckleberry Holistic,
we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality holistic education.

Our mission is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to provide your pets with the best possible holistic care. Our payment options are designed to be manageable, so that everyone can have access to our courses.


A wide variety of online courses

We offer a variety of online courses, including Holistic Nutrition for Pets, Herbalism for Pets, and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).


Practical solutions and comprehensive notes for better understanding

You no longer have to helplessly watch your pet suffer! We provide you with practical solutions and detailed course materials, teaching you how to best restore and maintain your pet's health.


Discuss with others and exchange ideas

We encourage our students to participate in our online forums, because connecting and sharing experiences with others is a valuable part of the learning process.


Control how you learn & progress

Help your pet today! Learning with us is interesting and fun. Our courses are easy to understand, with simple and effective solutions. Learn at your own pace.
Our team

Meet our team

Our team members are committed to the holistic tradition of animal care.  We believe that diversity of thought and background leads to better ideas. As much as we love to teach, we also love learning about and from our students, and sharing in their joy at seeing real improvements in their beloved pet's health.
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Swanie Simon
Holistic Practitioner

Peter Hollmayer
TCM Practitioner

Happiness Manager

The Boss of Everything


Our students love us

“I am from Switzerland and successfully completed Swanie Simon's Holistic Nutrition for Dogs & Cats course in 2020. It's an exceptionally captivating course that delves deep into the subject matter.  Swanie places immense importance on ensuring students' grasp of the content, providing assistance at any time. I am proud to be a student of Swanie Simon.

Manuela R.

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning about animal herbalism from Swanie Simon. The classes were engaging, full of useful information and the time flew by - I couldn't get enough. Like so many of her students, I am now "swanified" and looking forward to taking more of her classes in the future. Learning with her is practical and fun, she is endlessly patient in explaining things and answering all questions. I highly recommend any class that Swanie teaches. She is a true animal friend!

Maria S.

“I have taken every class that Swanie has offered in Germany and am sad that they are over. The extra free classes doing case studies were extremely helpful for learning practical application of the material. The depth of knowledge and experience that Swanie has working with animals is apparent in every lesson. The information is practical, Swanie explains the difference between theory and practice so well. She has ideas for every difficulty that may arise and also covers typical problems that arise in practice, whether with the animals or their owners. You just don't learn these things in other courses. I would sign up for any class she teaches on any subject. Learning with Swanie is addictive!

Sabine  W.

“I have now completed both the Holistic Nutrition for Dogs & Cats and the Practical Herbalism for Dogs & Cats courses. I never thought that learning could be so addictive and am always counting down the hours until the next lesson. Both courses provide an incredible amount of information as well as comprehensive scripts. Swanie is very passionate, which has made learning so easy for me. I am incredibly grateful to have received so much knowledge, which I have been able to apply successfully in practice many times.”

Katharina F.

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